Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club ltd est 1910
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Cumberland County Motorcycling Club LTD

The Harrogate Run was to be timed to seconds at Harrogate, the finish at  Peile Wyke and Kendal (outward and inward)
but in minutes only at Skipton and Settle, both ways.
The results were
Solo Class. 1-FR Anderson 3.1/2hp N.U.T.
                   2-RL Williamson 3.3/4hp Scott.
                   3-WB Anderson  3.1/2hp Premier.
Lightweight Class.  1-PN Gilbanks  2.3/4hp. Douglas.
                                2-GF Fry  2hp. O.K.
                                3-T Stordy  2.3/4hp. Douglas.
Passenger Class. 1-TT Smith  Alldays Cyclecar.
Novice Class.  1-TT Smith  Alldays Cyclecar.
                        2-T Stordy  2.3/4hp. Douglas.

5th August,1914. With such a comprehensive programme, the future of our Country and Club were discussed at committee and it was decided to make an offer to the War Office to provide Members to act as Despatch Riders, etc. should the need arise, and all competitions were cancelled due to the unsettled state of the Country.
Due to there being no competitions the Club activity was minimal, withless meetings, (and minutes)
but an A.G.M. took place on 1st May, 1915 and the following were elected;
     President Chris W Lowther.    Captain TB Westmorland.
     Secretary T Gibson.                  Treasurer WB Anderson.
     Committee AE Woodley,  D Leitch,  J Marlin,  T Wilkinson,                   
     HG Stanley,  Harry Calvert,  S Barron,  EJ Scott, Wigton, 
     Fred Rubman,  Frank Young, Brampton,  F Doyle and TH Ayling.

Members who had joined the Armed Forces were
A.    Harvey Bowman,  Alex. G Buck,  WS Clark,  RN Carr, FJ Fisher,
Ray Drinkall,  H Dixon,  GN Frazer,  R Gilbanks,  EF Gilbanks,
PN Gilbanks,  OD Gibbings,  T Lightbody,  WB Little, JV Parker,
HA Rhodes,  GS Rutherford,  W Westwood,  AJ Moffat,  B Jeffreys,
GB Biglands and EM Gregson.

The first Club Member to fall in the European War was GN Frazer and a letter of condolence was sent to his father, and it was decided that all members who had been mobilised should be made honorary members for the Duration.
27th. November, 1915.  The Club put funds in Government War Loans and decided that a General Meeting should be called within 2 months after the Declaration of Peace.
More members on active service were
RJ Cairns,  J Wallace Moffat,  Hal Harrison,  TJ Story, and T Gibson.
        A letter of sympathy had been sent to the Rev. Gilbanks on the
occasion of the death of his son, Lieut. RV(Dick) Gilbanks, killed in action in the Dardanelles.

16th. May, 1916.  At the request of H.V.P. Robert Chance a meeting
was called to discuss the forming of a Section to work in conjunction with the East Cumberland Volunteer Corps and it was agreed.
7th. March,1919.  The Committee met and decided that:
"The Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club.  With a view to resuming it's activities the Committee of this Club have arranged to hold a special meeting at the Club's Headquarters (Crown and Mitre Hotel) on Saturday 6th. April at 6-30pm.  All motorcyclists and those interested are cordially invited".

A letter of condolence was sent to the wife of  2nd Lieut. GS Rutherford, who died on 22nd Febuary 1919 and The Rutherford Challenge Trophy in his memory is amongst the Club Collection.

At the Special Meeting a full complement of Officials and Committee were appointed to resume activities;
Secretary- IH Daykin,   Treasurer-AJ Hunt,
Club Captain-WB Anderson,   Vice Captain-R Drinkall,
Committee-Messrs TB Westmorland,  WB Anderson,   F Gibson,      
F  Rutherford,   F Gilbanks,   F Anderson,   J Dias,   FW Lockerbie,
F  Drinkall and J Robinson
Club President-W Theodore Carr,Sir RA Allison,  Doctors Doughty,  Graham,  Matthews,  Kekwick and Edwards,
Captain Rhodes,  Bertram Carr,  JI Chance,  FW Chance,    RC Chance,  WF Gilbanks,  WS Clark,  IW Raymond,  EH Spencer,
F  Rutherford,  J Drinkall,  HB Simpson,  GD Abraham,  WB Anderson,  TB Westmorland,  EF Ecroyd,  JA Buck,    James Morrow,  Hugh Laing,  T Cavaghan,  J Gray,  EW Stead,  JR Pearson,  D McKay,
Drummond and D Barnett were invited to become Club Honorary Vice Presidents.

The Treasurer was changed to HV Prescott as AJ Hunt was leaving the district,
Subscriptions were fixed at 5s/6d, the first Run would be to meet the Western Section at The Pheasant Hotel, Piele Wyke on 27th April 1919 and we would offer support for the forth-coming London-Edinburgh Run as required when it traversed our territory.
That was the re-birth of the  Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club. (End of Volume 1).

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