Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club ltd est 1910
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Cumberland County Motorcycling Club LTD
                                     THE CUMBERLAND COUNTY MOTOR CYCLING CLUB.

On Tuesday, 28th. June, 1910 at 7.30pm. in the Bush Hotel, Victoria Viaduct, Carlisle, 16 motor cyclists from Carlisle and District met to form a motor cycle club for Cumberland.
They decided to name the organisation "The Cumberland Motor Cycle Club" but
sometime during the meeting, and not minuted, the title was changed to "The Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club".   Officials were elected and the subscription was fixed at 5/- per member, until 31st. December, and this was to include affiliation to any such Association.
There was to be an Opening Run in two days time, on Thursday (local day early closing) to Keswick, via Penrith, then Bothel, with tea to be taken at 5.30 in The King's Arms Hotel, (presumably the one at Wigton).
Their enthusiasm was evident when the first committee meeting on Friday, 1st. July, 3 days after election, decided on a Club Run on Thursday, 7th. July to Workington, via Allonby and Maryport, returning through Cockermouth, with a view to enrolling members from the West of the County.
A Hill Climb in the near future was also favoured.
The next business, on Tuesday, 5th. July, was to draw up the Rules and Regulations of the new Club, which included it's aims, application for membership, duty of members, Officers and Committees, regulations and procedures for all matters arising, even how the Club should be dissolved, and all included in 42 sections which must have created some discussions and differences of opinions, but concluded with the decision to hold a Hill Climb on Wednesday, 13th. July, up Warnell Fell.

The results, attached, were confirmed at committee on Wednesday, 13th. July (venue 15a Lonsdale Street) and it is interesting to note that the fastest time up the Hill was not the winner.   The bore and stroke of the machine, number of cylinders, weight of machine and rider, number of gears (either belt-drive single or 2-speed) and time up hill all featured, and together a "Figure of Merit" was arrived at, which determined the finishing order.

Despite extensive and numerous enquiries nationally, it has been unable to gain any knowledge concerning this "figure of merit" and how a new club, only 13 days old, could use this system for their first event, must remain unsolved for the present.
(unless you know...)

The Above (and below) Courtesy of Dick Haugh

More to follow.

At a committee meeting on 28th. November, 1910,

Messrs Rigg and Clark were appointed representatives of the Club on the General  Committee of the Royal Automobile Club and also delegates of the Club to the council of the Auto Cycle Union, thus establishing an early and lasting presence in the competition world, which still continues, unbroken, to this day.

The decision to run another Hill Climb on Kirkstone Pass, and invite our near neighbours, the Westmorland Motor Club, was decided upon and their
secretary, Mr Robinson, was to be contacted to inform his members of the Good Friday event.

It was also decided that the Westmorland and Scottish Border Clubs be invited to co-operate with the Cumberland Club in organising a Reliability Run to Inverness at Whitsuntide, entries to be confined to members of the three Clubs.

The record of the A.G.M. on 28th. October, 1911 is shown below, as a most striking example of how these notes are being compiled, and it is due to the efforts of our early members, and officials, that we are able to trace so much of our early history to celebrate the first 100 years of our activities.

Balance Sheet details include Printing,etc.-6/16/11. ACU affiliation-6/14/0.  Postages and Telegrams-2/4/6 and Hire of motor car to carry telephones, wire, etc. to Kirkstone for the Hill Climb-15s/0d.   Membership was 74 and the receipts from Subscriptions and Entries were 21/15/6 which resulted in a profit for the year of 1/5/7.
It was recorded that although the Kirkstone Hill Climb was a success, the Committee were:
"of the opinion that the heavy traffic encountered was a handicap and this would prevent a similar event next year",

A glass slide photograph possibly shows such an occurrence and is evidence of the difficulties encountered
During the pioneering days of our Club.

The 1911 Programme continues with:

Whitsuntide Reliability Trial to Inverness

Then a Hill Climb up Warnell Fell on 16th. June

On 8th. July : A Petrol Consumption Test from Allonby to Silloth 

On 29th. July:  A Flexible Hill Climb at Scarrow Hill

13th. August :  A  Reliability Trial from Carlisle, over Shap Fell to Kendal and return via Keswick

A Reliability Trial to Harrogate  and on
14th. October was the Gala Day at Peil Wyke, with a knock-out Hill Climb on Whinlatter Pass,

Speed Judging Contest from Whinlatter to Peil Wyke, and a Non-stop Run, (possibly around Bassenthwaite) two riders were non-stop but the winner was nearest to schedule time.
No doubt these competitions encouraged brisk riding, all the time, and because of the connection with the Auto Cycle Union it is noted
"several riders have benefitted from the Free Legal Defence Scheme for various offences under the Motor Car Act and have secured the services of solicitors provided by the A.C.U. free of charge for their defence."

On Saturday  25th. November, 1911 at Olympia, London, a meeting took place between the A.C.U. and Motor Cycle Club Secretaries at which C.C.M.C.C. had decided to apply for an Open event on Bank Holiday Monday, 5th. August, 1912, and to seek support for this event it was decided
"To draw up a list of persons likely to become Patrons of the Club from whom financial support would be forthcoming." 

The question of a President arose, and a person thought suitable for the position was James W. Lowther Esq., M.P. and Speaker of the House of Commons.    

The Central Hotel proprietor, Mr Barker, offered to provide a Club-room for the use of Members and Friends, free of charge for 12 months,  "provided we constituted the hotel our Head Quarters".

New Members included Hugh Mason, c/o Sir Angus Sanderson, Newcastle upon Tyne and owner of a garage in Botchergate  Carlisle, who presumably sponsored our member to be the winner of the 1913 Junior T.T. riding a 2.3/4 hp N.U.T.

Also W.F. Newson, c/o Triumph Cycle Co., Coventry and many local residents joined our Club to participate in the 1912 Programme of 13 Events.

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